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How to Increase Transparency in Employer-Employee Relations

It’s essential that there’s transparency in the workplace. If an employer doesn’t practice a policy of honesty and openness, it’ll be hard, if not impossible, to earn and keep employees’ trust. There are three key tactics to employ when it comes to increasing transparency in employer-employee relations.

Share Regular Company Updates

Open lines of communication are fundamental to a healthy workplace, including maintaining transparency in employer-employee relationships. A key element for fostering transparency within the workplace is for management to share regular company updates with workers. Company updates can come in a myriad of different forms. A business likely is well served taking advantage of different modalities through which to share and communicate company updates regularly among all personnel associated with the enterprise.

Regular company updates can be shared via electronic newsletters, email announcements, department or company meetings, and even social events or functions. Creating a transparent workplace environment also necessitates the candid sharing of bad news. According to Betterworks, while it’s wise to share good news with employees, being equally candid about negative developments is invaluable when it comes to increasing employer-employee transparency.

Create a Contract

A second crucial endeavor that enhances the employer-employee relationship is to create written contracts for employment. By writing a specific agreement, there is far less of a chance chance for confusion about the terms and conditions of employment. According to Legal Trends, employment contracts should outline job duties that an employee must perform. Through a written contract for employment, the employer has disclosed all of the primary expectations and requirements. By entering into a written employment agreement, an employee acknowledges an understanding of and commitment to the terms and conditions spelled out in the contract itself.

Create an Open Door Policy

Finally, when it comes to effectively fostering a transparent workplace, consider initiating an open door policy. Management team members should readily make themselves available to employees who have concerns, suggestions or any other need to communicate. Not only should an open door policy be established, but management and employees alike need to know that it exists and understand the parameters of what has been created to broaden communication in the workplace.

By employing this trio of strategies, a solid foundation for a transparent workplace is established. Moreover, these strategies are invaluable for fostering more transparent employer-employee relations going forward. Ultimately, the work environment will become more appealing due to the strong sense of trust, and worker productivity and creativity will be enhanced while turnover rates go down.


3 Principles That Should Help Guide Your Salon’s Business Growth

Running a salon can be a very time-consuming undertaking. You have to maintain the location, rent out chairs to other stylists, generate business, and keep up the clients that you have. In order to continue growing as a business, there are some principles that go a long way towards finding the success that you’re looking for in the cosmetology business.

Maintain Quality

There is a certain quality of services that you will need to provide in order to stay afloat. A client’s experience begins right when they enter through your doors. You should pay close attention to the experience a client has at the front desk, the services they’re provided in the chair, the final product and assistance with things like picking out products or making a future appointment. Your salon’s success doesn’t just depend on the haircuts and styles that you provide. Make sure that you are maintaining the same quality as you grow, and don’t allow your standards to slip.

Streamline Processes

While your clients to be able to relax and get a certain quality of services performed, this doesn’t mean that your salon needs to be inefficient to be luxurious. You should do all you can to keep things lean. Have multiple people on your staff that can help keep things moving. A person at the front desk is just as important as the person cutting hair. You can also utilize someone to wash hair, another person to blow dry and a person who styles. A few extra hands on deck can help with quick cleanup. Just be sure everyone is paying close attention to both quality and quantity.

Appreciate Customers

Your business will grow if your customers know that you appreciate them. You can accomplish this with gratitude, expressed in a number of ways. You can offer client discounts to get people back in the door. A rewards program allows them to accumulate points each time they come to your location. A customer appreciation event is a great way to thank your loyal customers, and it is also a great way to generate attention in the community.

These are three very simple principles that go a long way towards generating business and finding success. You might already feel stretched thin with running your own business, but taking the time to think about your business process will make a big difference in how well your salon performs.

How Your Business Can Get the Most Out of Google

As technology advances, many people are changing the way they do business. People have made Google their friend to help solve their problems and access whatever information they may need. Over 5 billion Google searches are conducted daily. Google My Business is an essential tool for any woman looking to market and grow their business to the next level.

Google Matters

Google helps small businesses to get ranked across Google products. Through Google Maps listings and Search, your business’ visibility, information, and accuracy are improved. This then improves your local SEO. There are many ways businesses can get the most out of Google, and business leaders have a lot to learn if they want to use all the available tools. Here are some crucial benefits your business can get from Google.


Google My Business is a free-of-charge business tool that helps optimize your business by helping you reach countless potential clients over the internet. People searching your business get to know your business’s crucial information such as contacts, reviews, description, average cost, operation hours, and other essential details. If you just started your business and you are working on a tight budget, you should use Google My Business because it improves visibility for your business at no extra cost. All you need is to understand how the tool works and enjoy the benefits it offers.

Improves Visibility

Many local searches are conducted on Google each second. This is why it is hard to underestimate the power of Google in business marketing and growth. According to Bright Local’s consumer research, over 53% of consumers search for local businesses about once every month. If you are ignoring Google, how do you intend to reach your potential customers? In addition to being difficult for your customers to find your business, it will be hard for you to rate your business because there won’t be many customer reviews. You must keep regular and consistent information on your site that can help boost your marketing strategies because a lot of local listings always need Google data feeding their checklists. Google My Business is essential for your business growth since it improves local SEO and assists you in finding new clients who, in turn, help grow traffic to your site.

Encourages Reviews

Ensure you have a place on your site where customers can leave their reviews. Google My Business offers you a simple platform to create such a section. Review links are easy to generate and send to your customers. Potential customers visiting your site will be able to leave reviews. Some of the reviews will be good and encouraging, but some may be a bitter pill to swallow. However, both types of reviews play a significant role in your business because they are the key reasons why customers will buy or not buy your products or services. All you need is to register with Google, and customers can search your business name and add their ratings. This program makes it easy for you to monitor customer feedback from your dashboard. You should also ensure you respond to customer reviews faster because reviews have the power to build or destroy a business. Don’t forget to thank those who have taken their time to access your business.

Broadens Business Insights

Google provides crucial analytical information about a business, such as when it was founded and its location. The data displayed can be customized. And the good thing is that you can pick and compare stats. Google My Business will help you make informed data-driven business decisions that will help improve customer experience. If you are beginning your business, Google Analytics can help you understand and interpret information on your site to improve customer satisfaction. Google surveys also simplify the process of identifying potential traffic to your website in an accurate, fast, and affordable way. For startups, Google data studio is enabled with visualization features to help you make more informed business decisions through the integration of a wide range of information. Google lets you get real-time customer feedback by using customized Google forms. The forms are simple and other features can easily be added such as images, surveys, signups, and questionnaires to make customer response more convenient.

Interacts With Customers

When you create a Google My Business channel, you enable improved communication with your potential customers. It offers the best platform to engage with your customers by chatting via Google Hangouts, answering their questions or responding to their reviews. Google also ensures efficient and convenient communication since you can respond to multiple users at the same time. Google Hangouts allows you to give an instant response to customers, and it also improves local SEO.

Google is an important cornerstone of a lot of modern businesses. Google My Business helps promote growing businesses and improves their SEO. A lot of people conduct local business searches so you have the ability to truly connect with your potential prospects by optimizing your business on Google.