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How to Be an Effective Role Model as the Boss of Your Business

Whether you are an entrepreneur or business owner, down the line to a manager or even an employee, everyone has a leadership role in the day-to-day function of the company’s progress to greater profitability. Every business wants to thrive and succeed, and the place where this begins is strong management and effective role modeling. Here are a few ways that every boss and manager can be an effective role model for their business.

What It Means to Be the Boss

To be the boss means to be in charge of a team or organization. The functions of a boss can range from assigning and managing tasks, maintaining control over employees, and making critical decisions on behalf of the company. The difference between an ineffective boss and an effective one is their ability to maintain consistency through clear accountability and leadership. There is a difference between managing and leading, and a great indication of a leader is their success through a focus on the company vision. Managers execute and leaders lead, and the best kind of boss is the one who leads the way.

You Set the Standard

Employees model the behavior of the boss or manager. For instance, if the boss is inconsistent with being in the office, then the agents will mimic that kind of action. On the flip side, you can encourage employees to stay in shape if you spend a few minutes every day just walking or talking about it. Walking is the most common wellness challenge in the workplace, and for good reason. An employee who gets out during their break, for example, will have significantly higher willpower to effectively execute their job.

Work Made Fun

It is true in every way that work made fun gets real work done. The boss can manage their people through fun and creative ways that increase positivity, enthusiasm, and work satisfaction. Simple daily or weekly contests with incentives can not only increase work morale but also engage them in greater work performance. If you as a boss create a culture of fun in your office, you will see lower shrink numbers and greater employee engagement.

In conclusion, the boss is the leader of the company. Core values and vision should be clearly emulated through every leader’s example that acts as a role model for their team. Work made fun gets real work done, and the greatest leaders accompany hard work and accountability with a positive work environment.

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We as women NEED to do better!  Female Entrepreneurship is hard don’t make it harder

We as women NEED to do better! Female Entrepreneurship is hard don’t make it harder

Female Entrepreneurship is hard don’t make it harder!!

I have one big thing that I want to get out there to all the women who own their own businesses and yes, this is going to seem supercritical and mean and I’m going to tell you I don’t really care because this is so important. I have had in the last few months, I’ve had hundreds of these conversations with other business owners. Both male and female women are failing each other in business. You’re failing other men-owned businesses. You are failing as a business owner. I am seeing, and I did start writing all of these stories down over 2000 stories I have for the last year and a half of women scamming other business owners. Now I say scamming because that’s what it looks like on the outside. It may be because your children got sick and you couldn’t finish a project or whatever it is.

But as women, we have to do better as business owners. If you are going to own a business and you are going to offer professional services, you have to do better. It’s making it harder for the rest of us to do business and it’s also making it so hard to find trustworthy people to do business with.

Stop trying to seem like you own a business and treat it as a hobby business. If you are going to offer services to another business owner, you have to be professional. So I started Be Boss Girl so that women could get the support they needed. But I’m finding that women don’t want support. Women want to DIY things. They want to hack it until they hope it, can make it. And yes, I’ve said that right hack it till they hope they can make it and it is so important to get the support you need if you need the support because that’s another thing that makes you just look unprofessional. Women, we need to be professional in our businesses and there are different levels of professionalism out there. Some of it may look very, very different than those of us who had been out in the business world since the early nineties.

You need to just make sure that you are living up to what you say you can do.

And if you can’t do it, if you need the support and if you need the help, go get it. We as women are as just everything else, we’ve had glass ceilings to break. We have had to go out there and work 10 times harder in any position we have ever had to be seen and to be heard. And when you have women who are coming in and destroying that trust and like just as general, we all get thrown into that same pot. If you cannot offer the services that you think you’re trying to offer out there, then don’t, stop now. Go sell Mary Kay. Go sell Tupperware. Do something that’s easier for you. And yes, I say that very condescendingly. I am not kidding. Get out of the business world if you can’t be professional.

Now if you have something happen, we all have things happen in our lives that interrupt and we can’t finish things. Deaths in the family, sick children get the support you need. Yes, you might lose money and you might not make money off the client project that you are working on, but get the support you need because if you do that, you are up-leveling and showing your level of professionalism and letting the client know they count. When your personal life gets in the way of working with a client, you’ve just shown a client that, they are important to you. It is so important to give value to your clients and show them that they are worthy of your attention and you are worthy of their paying you. Make sure that you’re taking the time to get what you need as a business owner. Make sure you’re giving what your client expects as a business owner. It is a two-way street, so I’m going to call out some businesses right here, that have made the online Facebook world industry cesspool of Just grossness. I’m trying to keep the swear words out of it. It’s not good. I’m calling out all those people that say they’re coaches that make six figures a month and not to be seen as a glamorous influencer and on the beach and living the nomadic lifestyle. I’ve worked for probably a hundred of y’all now and I’ve only had two out of the hundred almost hundred I’ve worked with. I’ve had two that were actually truthfully making that money and living that lifestyle, so whenever I see somebody post anything about that now I call complete BS until you prove me otherwise, which makes me not want to hire any of ya and the VA world, the virtual assistant world. For those that don’t know what VA very much says the same thing. I now have a small group of VA business owners, we all talk with one another and we all have hundreds. There are hundreds if not thousands of coaches that say they live the six-figure lifestyle and buying Louis Vuitton bags and in jet setting here in jet setting there who actually can’t afford anything they’re doing and they’re going into debt to do it. Cut it out. I don’t care if you go buy a Louis Vuitton bag. I don’t care if you traveled to Costa Rica for two weeks to live on a beach that doesn’t make you good at your job. It actually, it makes you seem less responsible in and unable to invest in me and what I need from you, so why would I hire You?

Show the real side of owning your business.

There’s chaos, there’s hard work, there’s passion, there’s determination when you’re an entrepreneur and a business owner, you show that.

That’s what I want to see from you. I have had in the last week, I have had five coaches reach out to me and tell me that they could help me up-level my business, but yet can’t tell me how they’re going to help me up-level my business. They can help me clear my soul so I can see the world better and Uplevel my business. Yeah. I had the, I call BS on that. I don’t care

And it doesn’t matter. Honestly. If I want you to Uplevel my business, you’re going to show me the strategy. You’re going to give me a roadmap, you’re going to tell me what I should write, how I should write it, and where I should write it at. Those things matter for my business. My life coaching needs to have nothing to do with my business. I’ve very much separate that. My lifestyle, my life, the things that I need in my personal life are very different from my business. Don’t reach out to me if you can’t offer my business something. And I think that’s something that we as women have woven together too much. You personally? Yes, you are your business owner, you are your business, your business is you. I say that all the time, but there’s also a separation between what your business needs and what you need as a person and those need to be separated out and not knowing where your business ends and you end.

Burning out on your business is a real, very, very real issue. I have seen so many business owners do it. I did it. I’m coming to you from a place of truly understanding and I have PTSD from what I did. I made some really bad business decisions and hurt myself physically. I hurt my mental health. I hurt my family because I was so worried about looking amazing and looking like I was doing something that my business was not and I was all worried about that six-figure lifestyle, without actually being able to produce it, which means your life is a whole big pack of lies and the lies just keep growing and growing and growing and you start alienating those around you and you start to live a very, very lonely life.

When you invest in yourself, and you’re truthful with yourself and those around you, your business will start to flourish.

I guarantee you, I’ve seen it hundreds of thousands of times myself, other people, I’ve been doing this a long time, and focusing on your business and growing your business without involving your mental health is a huge thing that women really need to take the steps to understand how to do. You will see in my description, I dare you to rock my mindset because you can’t. It’s because I spend so much time investing in my mindset. It’s part of the beginning of my day. Every single day I spend a half-hour journaling and then I spend 15 minutes a mindset work every single day. My mindset can’t be shaken, because I’ve made sure it can’t be shaken.

I’m not lying to you about what I’m earning. Some months I can make 10 K in a month, some months I make 2000 a month, some months I make nothing and I talk to you all about that, back in October when I had a month, I made absolutely nothing because things were slow. It happens and I try to really always be truthful with you. Yes, I’m bringing on new clients all the time. That doesn’t, just because I brought a new client on, it doesn’t mean I’m packing it all that money. That means I’ve hired a contractor to do work for me. I’ve hired another, a freelancer to work with me to cover for those things because, believe me, I have too many clients. There is no way I could offer all of my clients everything they need and still be sane. And that’s another thing is knowing what your workload can be and should be.

No, it’s not. Now you should know how to do everything yourself. It doesn’t mean that you’re a genius at it. If you’re not good at it, you shouldn’t be doing it for yourself and any house project, those great TV shows where you see people building those amazing houses in seven days and Oh, look at that that looks so cool and it’s all DIY type projects. I know a couple of those houses and one of those in our local area, that house started to look beat up and everything was breaking in less than three years. Every business and I’ve been at this 20 something years, so I can say this with authority. Every business owner that I see that has DIY’d, everything about their business and not accepted or invested in their business in any way, there’s a reason why over 80% of businesses close their doors in the first three years, those are the business owners that do that.

The business owners that invest in themselves, they invest in their business, they hire the support they need. They’re here five, 10, 15,20 years later, every time without fail. When there is a smart investment, there are investments that are stupid and yes, some people still fail even after investing because they have a bad idea or whatever. It’s not always 100% of the time, but if you’re offering services, somebody needs services, everybody, I don’t care what type of service you’re offering, somebody needs it. They’re the funniest thing I ever saw. Somebody who started a doggy doo doo business down in my local area. I live in the country. Our dogs go out in the woods or whatever and I’m like, Oh, this person is never going to have a longterm business because that’s not, I laughed at it. Now this woman has now been in business for eight years and she has three people that work for and she’s making good money, her husband quit his job to help her with her business.

Every service is needed out there. I don’t care how ridiculous it is, it’s needed. If you invest in yourself, you invest in the business in smart investments. Don’t spend $200,000 on a mindset coach because that’s a bad investment, go get yourself a counselor. Get true professional help. Don’t hire somebody that has an eight week or 16-week course that they took. Go hire somebody that actually certified in the medical profession. If you’re having that much trouble with your mindset and your life strategies, go hire the proper person. Don’t hire a Hackett until you make it person. Make sure you are investing in your business now. You don’t need to invest $250,000 in a coach to Uplevel your business, and if I pay $20,000 for this coaching package this month because I have to sign up this month or I won’t be available anymore, I don’t know how many times I see this. This is a good idea for me to invest in this, or they’re pressuring you. Yes, then the answer is no. If somebody is pressuring you into spending and going into debt for your business for something that is not a strategic piece of actually running your business,

Scam every time scam, does that mean that that person doesn’t have something to offer? Yes, they probably have something to offer you, but $20,000 putting your family in debt to do it, just don’t do it. There are so many other ways to invest in yourself without going into debt that that’s where you should concentrate on. I started Be Boss Girl so that women could get the support they need, the real kind of support they need at a price they can afford. My most expensive one on one coaching package is $500 for six sessions and you shouldn’t need me past six sessions, sometimes I have clients that still pay me like once a quarter and just want to check in with me and stuff, but my job is a business strategist, is to work myself out of my job. Every business coach and I hate business coach.

A business coach is not, is not a qualified thing. I believe and yes, that’s my personal opinion, but hiring a business strategist or a profit strategist, which is what I am, I’m going to take a look at your business and figure out how to make it profitable. Your marketing, your social media, the services that you offer, the pricing of your packages, your administrative backend, your processes, your procedures. I take a look at all of that, and let’s put you on profit strategy so you can start making a profit in your business and not just have your business losing money all the time. A business that loses money all the time and yet still keeps throwing money at it, is a hobby.

It’s not a real business. It’s absolutely positive. Positively possible, not impossible possible to invest in your business without going into debt. You don’t always need to hire a social media strategist or a social media manager. I have a membership that’s $30 a month where I will help you write all of your content each and every month. You get posting prompts. I will help you write it. I will help you get it scheduled. I’m not one on one and we do group sessions, but I can help you do that. You don’t have to hire me to do all your social media. I mean, I’m not going to complain if you want to pay me $600 plus or to $1,500 a month depending on what you need, but you could be spending 30 and that’s absolutely should be absolutely doable for even the smallest business. Maybe not when you’re first starting now, but if you have more than one client, you should be able to afford $30 a month to invest in something for your business.

This is going to help move it ahead. Maybe that’s a piece of software. Maybe that’s coming into a podcast studio to record your podcasts so that they sound good and look good. Just do something to professionally invest in your business so that you are ready for the next level. I know that my mission is to support women and all of that they do in their business. I, I say women, but I have male business owners that I work with. You heard from Scott here on my show, I work with males. I work with females. I work with black people. I work with white people. I look with purple people if they existed, I love purple. So those of you that don’t know that if purple people exist, please contact me. I really want to meet you. But knowing that you can get the support you need without investing hundreds of thousands of dollars and going into debt for something that’s not a profit-driving strategy for your business is so important. Again, women, we need to do better. We need to do better as business owners. We need to do better as professionals working with other businesses, we need to just be that next level of better so that that next woman coming along can get the support

They need without being scammed. I hope you have a great day, everybody. I want you to remember to be the diva and the rockstar in your business. Have a great day.

9 Ways a Business Owner Can Make Their Schedule More Manageable

As an entrepreneur, you understand the incredible importance time holds. When there are a million things to do, time is a precious commodity that cannot be purchased with the company card. Therefore, aspiring business leaders need to create a schedule for themselves in order to make their time not only productive but manageable as well. The following includes a list of ways you can begin to accomplish this very goal.

Office Manager

Although most new companies tend to have smaller staff within their organization, there is one position that you should consider adding to your team. This position is the office manager. The office manager takes care of all the little things that can take over your day. These would include overseeing your staff’s payroll, observing workflow, creating and approving filing systems, and dealing with common office problems. Having an office manager can greatly free up your schedule and allow you to focus on the bigger picture without missing out on what’s going on in the office.

Set Aside Focus Time

Studies have shown that mornings are the most productive time for people. This is the time when they are the most energetic and focused. Therefore, it is only right that you set aside time for yourself to focus on the core items of your business. This means answering and creating emails, calling back clients and vendors, and any other tasks that need a deep time of focus.


Innovations in technology have allowed many of us to focus on the important things without having to sacrifice quality. As an aspiring entrepreneur, you might not have the manpower to take care of every customer’s concern that comes through your website or office. This is where automation comes in. Bots are a form of automation because they allow companies to answer customer concerns without having to interact with them manually. Make sure to utilize this function within your business in order to concentrate on growing your company and taking better control of your daily schedule.

Designate Time Slots

As the saying goes, just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you’re actually accomplishing anything. It can be easy to confuse busy work with productivity when you are constantly jumping from task to task. The best way to approach this issue is to take a chunk of your tasks and divide them into time slots. How long should your time slots be? According to data, we can be productive if we slice slots into uninterrupted 90-minute intervals. Thus, it is recommended for you to divide your daily tasks into 90 minutes each to achieve the most effective results.

Hire and Delegate

The hiring process within any business can be long and tedious. Therefore, many business leaders are now understanding the importance and necessity of delegating their hiring process to third party hiring companies. You may see an advantage to finding assistance with third party services as they can provide you with the ability to not only focus on other areas of your business, but also bring you the best people possible. These companies handle your candidate’s application, interview, and other smaller duties such as obtaining their personal information or contacting them regarding issues with their hiring process.

Avoid Overworking

Overworking, burn out, whatever you want to call it the fact is that this is a very real problem in business. New entrepreneurs tend to be plagued with this issue the most as they believe that constantly being on the clock will get them to the top faster. However, many successful entrepreneurs today state that working too hard is often the cause of many companies going under. This is because when you are tired and frustrated, you’re going to begin to make mistakes. Overworking yourself is a sure-fire way to not only have your health deteriorate but also the business you’ve worked so hard to build. Some of the ways to begin decompressing stress are by giving yourself a time-out. This means you stop refreshing emails, send your calls to voicemail, and walk away from your computer. You may do this in blocks throughout your day or simply at a certain time when you leave your business for the day.

Wake Up Early

You might be telling yourself that you already wake up early, but this might just be for you to get ready for work. Many successful business leaders from around the world highly recommend waking up as early as 5 a.m. This means that you don’t wake up worrying about getting the kids or yourself ready or getting to work late. Instead, use this time to get a workout in. Working out early in the morning might not sound like the most relaxing of activities, but many business leaders attest to its benefits. Not only are you meeting your health goals, but working out is proven to provide you with additional energy throughout your workday.

Plan Ahead

As an entrepreneur, you are not accustomed to throwing away all your plans to dedicate yourself to unforeseen issues. However, this does not mean you should abandon the act of planning your day ahead of time. As the saying goes, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Even if you see things going off course, you must always plan items for the day ahead that need tending to. This allows you to hit your daily goals and still have the flexibility to change plans on a whim.

Leave a Blank Spot

Earlier, we spoke about the importance of creating a plan. Although that is highly recommended, one of the best things you can do in order to make your schedule that much more manageable is to leave a blank spot. Placing 30 minutes to an hour blank spot will allow you to take care of any new challenges, and trust us, you will have them. Utilizing this approach will no doubt help you manage your day-to-day surprises that much better.

Taking on the life of an entrepreneur can be a very challenging and often frustrating journey to put yourself through. A critical factor to consider is the importance of time and maintaining a schedule. With the right approach and execution, you can begin to create a much more manageable schedule that will provide you with the long-term success you desire.

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Who Am I?

Who Am I?

So WHO is THE ROCKSTAR CEO? That question is a complicated one. My official Bio from Be Boss Girl :

Hey, Danielle here! You may know me as the Rockstar CEO. I’m also the founder of BeBossGirl, an award-winning marketing, social media, digital marketing, design, production, and public relations strategy agency.

My mission is to empower women to start and dominate their dream business! For the past 12 years, I’ve coached women entrepreneurs on mindset, marketing and most importantly, making more money! 

My journey started over 20 years ago as an IT Professional. As an IT provider, I quickly realized that marketing was essential to growing a small business. So, I began expanding my education and hands-on experience which led me to my passion for all things digital marketing. 

Now, I’ve worked with 100’s of small business owners. Through coaching, I help entrepreneurs grow to become the limitless bosses they desire to be. Focusing not only on marketing strategies but also on the unique issues of running a small business such as solid profit mapping strategies, mindset, incorporating the technical aspects of running a business to create sustainable and proven results and more.

The implementation team at Be Boss Girl are made up of talented women with a range of skills that I have the pleasure of mentoring. When you work with me, you work with women who understand marketing, business strategy, and branding. 

When I’m not coaching, I’m filling my tribe up with free resources in my free group, free forum and on the RBB Morning show at 8 am each day. You will learn how to build a business on a foundation of clarity, strength, and courage.

Each day I wake up with a call to give female entrepreneurs everything they need to Rise Strong. Become Limitless and Be a Boss, girl. 

But that is more about what I do when sitting at my desk. In real life, I am a Wife of just about 26 years to a drummer, lead guitarist, soundman, cabinet maker, machinist, missionary and amazing best friend, mom of 22 years to a start-up entrepreneur, audiophile son, sister of like XX years (no I am not telling you exactly how old I am), daughter, musician, cook, missionary, planning and mindset fiend.

When not working, which is not often, I am either in a bar doing sound, taking pics, dancing like an idiot or laughing hysterically at my friend Sam’s antics, cooking from scratch meals, or watching Avengers, Star Wars or Lord of the Rings movies. At all times my phone is not far behind and I am starting to document life outside of the office and all I do each and every time I think of letting you all know.

Come get to know me better and see why I truly live THE ROCKSTAR CEO life in all I do!

Finding the Right People to Help Your Struggling Business Grow

If your company is struggling to grow, then you may not have the right people in the correct position. Some people find it an overwhelming task, while others seem to have the magic touch of putting people in situations where they will thrive. When your employees are thriving, then your company will grow.

Know What Your Business Needs

If you are starting out, then take an inventory of what skills you have that will help your company grow. Then, ask yourself what positions you need to create within your company because you do not have those skills. Now, stop and consider if you have enough work to keep that employee busy full-time or if it is a job that you can outsource. For example, you may occasionally need a lawyer for legal work, but you do not need one daily.

Look Beyond Skills

At this point, you should have created a list of jobs that you need someone else to complete regularly. Now, it is time to start filling those positions. Start by putting them in a priority list so that you can hire for the most critical positions first. Then, write job descriptions for those positions. Post the descriptions where people with those skills are likely to see them. Then, start the process of hiring people. Make sure that you look at their history and check their behavior in the interview. However, it might be difficult to identify some of the applicant’s traits in just the interview. It’s important to keep in mind that some traits can be tested for. You want to find people who fit in naturally with your company culture. Setting up a behavioral interview may help you overcome common challenges of identifying these individuals.

Promote From Within

Many companies fail to promote from within, so they leave many talented individuals doing entry-level positions. Develop a career ladder so that employees know what they must do to move up in the company. Teach your managers always to be strengthening skills in new employees. Give written evaluations often. During assessments, work with the employee to develop specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely goals. Then, reward those who meet or exceed their goals. Be very careful to make all evaluations based on performance and not who is your friend.

The right people can help your company grow quickly but finding them can be challenging. Start by developing a prioritized list of the positions that you need to fill. Then, fill them with people who have the skills and the right attitude. Do not forget to promote from within by evaluating often and developing goals for each employee’s growth. In the end, don’t be afraid to ask for help and expert support when you need it to achieve your business goals.

If you need help with starting your business, take advantage of our numerous resources!