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How to Be Consistent with your Content

As a marketer, you need to keep in mind that content is a constant work in progress. You never stop creating content; you get it better. If you are in the right way, your content resounds with your followers. It gets shared, draws the awareness of a lot of people, and it changes into a resource they come back to over and over again. 

Content is a continuous work which requires extreme attention. It should also follow a process which even professional marketers fail to take as they focus on chasing website rankings. This results in sloppy content which serves no use other than cluttering the already messy and jumbled digital landscape. They don’t have consistency. 

If you don’t want to experience this, then you need to be consistent with your content. Here are some of the techniques on how to be consistent with your content: 

Opt to the Right Tone

High quality content is about creating a blog which is easily identified by your readers or followers. The moment they visit your blog, they know it is you right away. It doesn’t matter if you like a professional voice which speaks straight to the needs of your readers, or a more conversational and casual approach, having a consistent tone for your blog will make it outstanding and memorable. 

Stick to the Style of your Content 

Buzzfeed has more than seven million content views monthly. The reason behind this is that the contents here are easy to read and digest. The website is trendy due to entertaining GIF-filled posts and listicles that will make the readers click. This does not mean that you also you need to do what Buzzfeed did and fill your blog with GIF, what I’m saying is to look for the right style of content that will get the attention of your readers and make them coming back for more. 

Choose the Right and Best Topic 

To become consistent in your content, you need to know the needs of your readers. You shouldn’t just create a blog of any topic. You should choose a topic which will provide them the value they are searching for, prompt a response, and make your reader keep browsing and scrolling in your site. 

Perhaps you are asking what the relation of this to consistency is. Everything! When you are developing a content marketing technique, your content materials must support each other and blend into your funnel, and which will be likely if you are working on the best and appropriate topics. 

Consistency isn’t just about creating content because when you do this, you are merely adding to the mess, and rather than making your reader notice you, you are becoming an irritant that would rather avoid. 


If you have not been checking for consistency in your content, perhaps it is the right time to do so. Always keep in mind that people will be anticipating superior content from you. So, you need to give what they are searching for by emphasizing content consistency. There remains a stability of experience each time your readers engage with business or brand. 

Why Having a Free Opt-In is so Important for Growing your Email List

There are many effective building techniques out there that you can follow to develop a successful e-commerce. One of the most essential and most advisable steps is to have a free opt-in.

Develop a Network of Clients

One good reason that you must consider a free opt-in is to develop a massive network of client. Having a free opt-in on your site allows you to establish a network of clients to which you can continuously market your service or product. This is a useful asset and will ensure your success in online marketing. You must be cautious about overselling to your list of clients. The best approach is to send out helpful emails regularly associated with your field and once in a while, offer an item.

Measure Success

Another remarkable aspect of the free opt-in is that it will enable you to monitor your success quickly. You will have access to statistics which include sales percentage for an email campaign. This is priceless information, since it gives you the ability to tune your campaign to increase sales.

Save Money

One obvious benefit of considering a free opt-in, is that it allows you to save money. You can avail this opt-in for free so that you can use your money to other essential matters. 

Other Factors Why Free Optin is Vital for Email List Building 

Without a doubt, free opt-in for growing your email list is the key to huge success with your online marketing business. You must spend 90 percent of your time developing your opt-in list. Make sure it is your main priority.

However, there is one vital tip you must know to consider regarding opt-in for list building. And once it is taken for granted, you will never get the results you desperately want and need. One reason why you should utilize opt-in for list building isn’t to make a considerable amount of income. Sure, you need and want to earn money, or your company will fail.

On the other hand, you have to know that earning money from your list is secondary. The real reason for using opt-in for list building is to develop a rapport with your many members as much as possible. For your list to make you consistent and constant earnings, you have to bond with your followers or readers.

You have to gain their trust and treat your audience as your family member or best friend. The worst mistake you can make is to begin building your list and right away bombarded them with offers. This will kill the chance of monetizing your new list. You have to send your followers lots of free and useful content.  Not only any old stuff, send them articles and reports which they can use to help address their issues.

Even after your followers have been on your list for a while. Still, you will want to ensure that once or twice a week, you send them freebies. This will enable them to know you are not a salesman and is looking out for their best interest. If you keep this thing in mind when building your list, then you can’t and won’t go wrong.

How to Build Your Email List

Perhaps you have been told you need to build an email list. However, no one gave you the process on how to do it. Read this article to learn effective list building techniques you have to follow for building a successful online business. You will be delighted you did. 

Techniques to Build an Email List Successfully 

Content Upgrades 

A content upgrade is considered one of the modern ways to boost your email list. This is easy to do. Just write an article, then make a piece of content which goes into more detail on the post’s subject. Offer your readers the option to receive the upgraded blog in return for their email address. 

This technique is amazing in its simplicity. Your followers have already shown interest in a subject by clicking on the blog post. You can take advantage of their interest by offering them more. 

Opt-Ins Technique 

To make sure subscribing is easy and fast, make sure you have many places on your websites where your readers can opt-in to get some free goodies. The header or sidebar of your website are popular locations for an opt-in box. You may also want to consider using a pop-up. Even though people dislike pop-ups, the truth is, they work. Pop-ups are easy to customize and a useful tool to increase subscriptions.

Great places to have your opt-ins

    • Social media profiles


    • Email signature line 


    • Each blog post


    • Bios of guest posts you write for other websites 


  • Business cards

Using Great Content 

Despite the number of places you guest post, the number of blogs you write or the number of emails you send, if you would like to build your email list fast, you have to give amazing content. Nothing you do will build your email list faster than word of mouth. If you want your readers to share your email with their associates and friends, ensure those friends can easily find a way to add themselves to your list. Post bits and pieces of your blog on social media and give a spot on the blog to opt in to obtain a freebie which complements the content of the blog. Have a spot on your Facebook or Instagram account where people can sign up for your list through an app in your header.


Regardless of the business you manage, an email list is indeed a vital factor in creating a thriving marketing strategy. With that email list, you can promote your company, showcase your service or product, and share your story. You can do all of this while creating loyal subscribers. Building a strong email list takes a while. It takes hard work. However, if you make remarkable content that your followers love to read, you will have a list of dedicated fans before you know it!

How to Make Bite-Size Content

Providing exceptional and useful info to your potential clients is vital in getting and keeping your social media following. Making bite-size content is a smart way to reach these objectives. Visuals bring traffic to more significant pieces of content, while having smaller content for the content schedule as well. In this article, you will learn simple and easy ways of making bite-size content.

What is Bite-Size Content?

Bite-size content refers to the informational content that is easy and quickly digestible. Your followers spend less time watching or reading it, that makes it perfect for producing visual content for social media platforms. Making bite-size content can also assist you in remaining consistent in posting frequency. These pieces can be utilized to:

    • Strengthen your business voice


    • Drive traffic back to more significant parts of the content


    • Promote offline and online initiatives


    • Delight and surprise your audience


  • Develop a deeper rapport with your followers/readers

Now that you know that bite-size content is, let’s move on to how you can make bite-size content.


Readers always find quotes irresistible, especially relatable quotes. Quotes can strengthen your company voice. One effective way to use quotes is to feature proverbs from business leaders, influencers, or company’s CEO. Get quotes from renowned speakers and place them on top of their picture to endorse your event. You can also take quotes from larger pieces of content like white papers, articles, and blog posts. There are lots of free web tools and phone apps to help you make quote visuals. Just choose your favorite.


Infographics allow you compress lots of details into a single piece of visual content. They need more planning and time, however they are easy to share. This is a smart way to draw traffic to a bigger piece. Depending on the industry you are in, visualizing facts can assist drive ideas home for your readers. If the main content piece is a blog with a bigger infographic, think of just sharing a part of the main infographic.


Live videos are very popular nowadays. Get out there and show your followers some behind the scenes action or tease future events on your Facebook or Instagram Stories. You can also get a question and answer session going on FB live. 

Tease Future Campaigns

Teasing more significant future events or campaigns is a smart way to utilize bite-size content. Give your followers a sample of what’s to come. Like for instance, if you’re launching a new product, share one future item or a close up picture. Get your followers excited about what’s coming next.


Bit size content is a smart way to stay consistent, provide value to followers, and enlarge the online footprint of your company. Think of how your followers see you. Think about what value your bite-size content is adding to them. Concentrate on making great visuals. It doesn’t matter if it is an uplifting quote, industry fact, or live videos, bite-sized content can help you build and represent your business voice, while connecting with your core audience at the same time.