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How to set your week up for success

How to set your week up for success

We’ve all heard the saying “a Sunday well spent brings on a week of content” and it really is true.

I’m not so sure about the content part but it can definitely help things go smoother. 

There are a few things I do consistently that when I do them, it makes my life so much easier. Sleep deprivation is a miserable thing. Sleep deprivation and having to juggle a million things at the same time is even more miserable. I try to take a little time to help myself not have to think more than I need to.

I typically spread this over an entire weekend because I can only do so many things in the pockets of nap time, ya know?

1. Schedule your to do list

After you’ve done your brain dump, take the time to schedule it out across your week. This is your action plan for the week and will save you so much sanity. Bonus if you time block it to make sure you aren’t trying to cram too much into a day. Make your time visual. Just trust me.

1. Meal plan…then prep the meals

A meal plan is awesome but can go off the rails QUICKLY if you aren’t ready. How many times have you intended to make dinner only to forget to thaw the chicken or put it in the crockpot in time? I do it daily. Take a minute to go ahead and put the entire thing together and stick it in your fridge. Same with any produce or anything else. Make things as grab and go as possible. 

1. Get to laundry basket zero

I swear every time I do this I praise the housework gods. This is basically a reset on your laundry so you can make an attempt to do a load per day. Laundry is one of the never end stories of adulthood so try to reset once per week to make finding your bras easier come Tuesday morning when you’re on your 3rd cup of coffee by 6am.

1. Reconcile your budget

Start fresh for the week. Know where your spending is, where you need to cut back and give yourself the chance to course correct before it’s so bad you just quit looking at it.

1. Put your phone down

Take a day to really unplugged and be present. Your heart needs it. We stay so connected all the time that sometimes we need to make a point to shut down and be in the now. This time with our family will be the best years of our lives, take the time to savor it.

All of these things I talked about truly don’t take that long and you can do them over the entire weekend so that it’s not chewing up an entire day. The point is to take the time to help yourself. Don’t let the overwhelm consume you. Do something about it! The small things really do add up. You don’t have to do some elaborate overhaul of your life to have it together 80% of the time. Make an effort in some areas and let that compound. Even starting with ONE thing like the meal prep or putting your phone down can make a huge difference. Baby steps. You’ve got this.

How to Price Your Services and Stand Out from the Crowd

How to Price Your Services and Stand Out from the Crowd

In today’s world, where business competition is tough, it’s quite challenging to differentiate your business from the crowd and establish your own identity. However, this is highly possible. For your business to stand out, you have to focus on making a consistent effort to provide outstanding services and pricing your services correctly. 

How to Make Your Services Stand Out

Numerous businesses revealed that services are what make them stand out. However, this is not enough. You want to deliver top-of-the-line services compared to your competitors, and here are a few ways to do that:

  • Address the Pain Points of your Consumer 


If you want to win customers, the best way is to alleviate their pain. To make your service stand out, think about how your service resolves common problems and meets common needs.

  • Do Business in a Unique Way 

 Identifying the flaws of your competition is a good way of setting your business apart. It will help you develop a unique strategy to market your service to the public.

  • Narrow Your Focus


In an attempt to serve everybody, you serve no one. This is particularly true for businesses that are service-based. Adapting your approach for a wide range of businesses isn’t helpful or practical, and makes it difficult for individuals to figure out if your company is the perfect fit. Narrowly defining who you serve is an excellent way to stand out. 

  • Offer a Reliable Guarantee 


Guarantees are an ideal way of reducing the perceived risks of paying for your services. These eliminate the hesitation to make purchases, which is a factor that can increase your sales. Additionally, guarantees can make your business more likable and reliable. 

Pricing Your Services 

Maximizing profit margins is possible when you choose the most suitable price for your service or product. When pricing your services, it’s important to have the best pricing strategy in mind. Pricing strategy is an all-encompassing term accounting for things such as: 

  • Market conditions
  • Account segments
  • Competitors’ actions
  • Trade margins 
  • The ability of consumers to pay
  • Variable costs 
  • Production costs 
  • Distribution costs 

These are a few ways on how you can price your services and make them stand out from the crowd. There are many different ways to explore, but the ones mentioned above can help you provide quality services that leave a mark in the heart of customers.  

Why You Should Be Using Custom InfoGraphics in Your Social Media

Why You Should Be Using Custom InfoGraphics in Your Social Media

Why You Should Be Using Custom InfoGraphics in Your Social Media

Infographics are a widely known form of visual communication, designed to capture the attention of your audience. These can take many different forms such as bar charts, pie charts, graphs, and so on. Regardless of the type, infographics use visual elements to convey facts. The style you choose largely depends on the type of content you want to highlight. There are many reasons to incorporate infographics into your social media accounts, such as:


  • Infographics Captivate the Attention of Your Audience


Humans are visual creatures, so it’s natural for them to be attracted by visual elements. Infographics are proven to be useful tools for communication. Individuals love figures, stats, and graphical elements so infographics can catch their attention. 



  • Infographics Increase Brand Awareness


Infographics should have your contact information and logo included so you can increase brand awareness. If you use infographics in your social media, you can reach thousands of potential customers on social media networks. 


  • Infographics Increase Your Followers and Subscribers 

Interesting pictures and well-created infographics are likely to generate more comments, likes, and shares than typical text updates. This is an effective means of getting more followers and subscribers to your social media page. 


  • Infographics Make Your Content Viral 

Contents with compelling visual elements such as graphics and images are likely to get more views on social media. One of the major characteristics of infographics is compelling visuals which makes people want to share your content with their circle of influence. This results in your content going viral on social media. 


  • Infographics Increase Your Search Result Ranking

As your infographics go viral, this can increase your search result ranking. Infographics are designed with your contact details, so sharing your materials on social media helps to generate important backlinks. Backlinks will give your search ranking a boost. 


As you can see, using custom infographics in your social media is an effective marketing strategy for your business.

How to Find Your Ideal Customers

How to Find Your Ideal Customers

Every business owner must be completely focused on finding their ideal customers, selling products or services to these customers and satisfying their needs so that they will purchase again. The better clarity you have regarding your ideal customers, the more effective and focused your marketing efforts will be. 

Almost everyone is in the business of client satisfaction and finding the most ideal customers for your products and services will help focus your marketing and sales efforts.

So, how can you find your ideal customers? The following ways can help you: 


  • Begin with the Smallest Market Possible


You need to find a group of customers who think that the product or service you have to offer is something special. If you are just starting out, you might have little to provide to your customers and in many instances, very limited resources. The key here is finding a narrow group with specific needs, then create solutions for this group. In gaining traction, you can always expand your reach but remember that as your business grows, you can become a big player in this small niche. 



  • Make the Initial Value Hypothesis 


Create the “why us” value proposition. This is your hypothesis. If this starts to sound like real science, well, that’s because it is. You should always be in “test and refine mode” in finding ideal customers.



  • Get Reality on Discovery Test Procedures 


Established businesses have the capacity to learn a great deal from their daily interactions with clients. Since business startups do not really have customer interactions, they must create means of testing theories first. The key to creating and affirming your initial assumption is setting up discovery test procedures with clients that fit easily to your initial group in the market. This can be tricky but there are trade and industry groups containing your initial target market. Through joining these, you can have more convenient access to such a group.



  • Draw Ideal Customer Sketch 


Finding your ideal customers means working to discover and define everything about your targeted group. This means learning about demographics, behaviors and more. 

Doing business is useless if you fail to find or reach your ideal customer. So make sure to invest time and effort in finding them since they are the ones who will put profit into your pocket. You also need to make sure that the products or services you offer can meet their specific needs. 

How to Repurpose Your Blog Content for Your Business

How to Repurpose Your Blog Content for Your Business

You have an amazing, value-packed blog post…and it’s not doing anything for you. Did you know that you can get over 1 week’s worth of content out of one well-crafted blog post? There is podcast content, video content, social media content, and article content all rolled into one blog post!

The following are ways on how to repurpose your contents for your business: 

  • Use Visuals  

Make your content visual!

Create infographics, quote graphics, illustrations, or anything else you can think of that will grab your audience’s attention.

You can also turn your posts into videos if you want!

  • Refresh Your Old Content

Give some of your older a content a facelift. You can go through and bring the content more current. Add updated content upgrades to it as well. Redo-older videos that need a refresh. Sometimes you will have plenty of content that needs to be updated rather than trying to create something new. Don’t overlook this treasure trove that you already have!

  • Get Social 

Use your content to create your social media content. Don’t waste time reinventing the wheel. Use what you have to develop quick one-liners or even a really excellent case study to share across your social channels to drive traffic and increase engagement.

  • Quote Yourself 

Had a great one-liner or “tweetable”? Make it into a quote! You’re an expert in one you do. Don’t be afraid to quote yourself! Use these to create images, tweets, or even to share in a forum.

There is no reason that you cannot get many miles out of one piece of content. Don’t waste precious time attempting to come up with 30 days of entirely new content month after month. Place all your effort into some excellent blog content, then put that content to work for you. Use what you have and work smarter, not harder!