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The Importance of Using All Three (PR, Social Media, and Traditional Marketing) to Grow Your Business

These days, marketing has become more focused on the digital aspect. It means that the majority of promotions, advertisements, and campaigns are now made and distributed online. 

Most of the time, marketers assume that the best path to take is online marketing and social media can produce the finest results. 

Well, this is somewhat understandable since a big chunk of today’s population can be found online all the time. But, traditional marketing and PR or public relations still got a solid leverage as far as the world of marketing is concerned. After all, not everyone uses the internet at all times. 

Yes, people are still glued to their TV screens. They still read newspapers and listen to the radio. In addition, it is important to keep in mind that there are products that create better results when marketed offline in the same way other products create better results when marketed online. The secret here is to make sure that you use a combination of PR, social media, and traditional marketing to generate the highest quality of results from your marketing efforts. 

PR Tactics for Better Business Growth 

The most popular public relations strategy is a media release. However, there are some other similarly effective methods you can use to let your target audience become familiar with your stories. A media pitch is a type of targeted media angle or story idea you pitch to a certain journalist in a TV show, or publication you know can specifically relate to their viewers or readers. 

Case studies, on the other hand, can serve as a great platform to influence business success and share its story to the media via your customers. If you want to build your credibility and profile, speaking engagements are the best way to go. These are cost-effective ways to reach out to a larger and more influential audience to position you or the spokesperson as an industry expert. 

Harness the Power of Social Media 

There are now hundreds of social media platforms you can find online, but the main ones you should consider include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Foursquare, and LinkedIn. To facilitate business growth, you have to plan how you will position your business story on every channel. 

Take note that not all of these channels will be suitable for every audience or every story. If your competitor has been using Twitter, it doesn’t mean that you have to follow suit. You have to think carefully and consider your messages, stories, available time, and audiences to keep them updated. 

Stay Relevant Through Traditional Marketing 

The main goal of traditional marketing is to promote your brand or business to your target audience and promote your services, products, or features. But, at the end of the day, a marketer’s goal should be to attract more people and convert as many of them as possible. From this perspective, focusing solely on social media will never give you the best results. Instead, this will just cover a part of your audience. 

Traditional marketing, such as in the form of ads, will help you deliver your message to your offline audiences. This is why it is a must for every marketer to pay attention to this channel to attract a bigger crowd of customers. 

Make sure you leverage the power of these three tools to see a substantial business growth in no time. 

Importance of Online Forums

Online forums have definitely come a very long way for the past few years. Even to this day, they remain to be hugely popular. In fact, statistics reveal that around 15% of online users still comment on or read discussion forums.

So, how come forums managed to maintain their fame up to this age when Facebook and social media platform are already the trends? 

Below are some of the primary reasons why online forums remain important and why it is a must that you use them as well. 


It is probably the top benefit of online forums. An online discussion or forum feature is a must-have in every website as it automatically creates fresh content. As you know, search engines like contents, and having an online forum where people participate, contribute, and add new replies and posts generate adequate content in boosting your website. 

It may take time before you achieve this specific level, not to mention that you also need several great members. However, if you manage to acquire an excellent user group that always post things, this will help your website and improve its rankings. 

Visitor Retention 

This is a discussion area or online forum on your site where potential customers, clients, and new online visitors are given a good reason to come back to your website, particularly if you have the advice or help they need on a particular subject. Site owners want their visitors to keep coming back to their site, so adding a forum is one of the best ways to encourage people to return and check out your site on a regular basis. 

Increased Sales

Online forums and discussions play a crucial role if your customers happen to be at the initial stage of the cycle of customer buyer or what you call the dream or pre-purchase stage. Authentic and genuine customer photos, comments, and videos can help them with their research and even dream about the experiences and products you offer the moment they arrive at your website for the first time. 

Market Research 

When you are in direct contact with potential customers and existing customers alike, you have the opportunity to stay informed of their needs, questions, general interests, and wants. This will make them great tools for research. Online forums and discussions will also give you better insight into their vocabulary to help you ensure that you use the right language on your content and messages familiar and easy to understand to them. 

Interact with Prospects and Customers

An online forum is often an informal place yet you can still use this to share announcements regarding your business, address queries about your services and products, and talk about the benefits and features of choosing your business in general. After all, these pieces of information in your forum are what people find the most interesting. 

Community Building

Finally, online forums are the best way to offer your community a great way to connect and stay in touch with each other. This is a wonderful tool to form meaningful relationships in overlapping industries, nurture some sense of belonging, and swap ideas. 

5 Steps to Radical Profitable Goals

5 Steps to RADICAL Goals and Greater Success

Finding it too easy to hit your goals? Maybe you have goals that simply don’t challenge you – and in this case, are they really goals at all?

When it comes to making goals that help you in the long run, it’s important to ensure that they are progressive. By this, we mean that they are stepping stones to greater success. 

If you would like to embrace more progressive goals, take a look at this 5-Step process to ensure that your goal planning will result in the success you deserve.

Step 1. Think About What Matters Most

Before you jump into any huge goal setting strategies, it’s important to think about what matters most – to you, and no one else. 

Many people start off by looking at their goals from a monetary perspective, only to find that when they get the raise they’ve been working for, it brings them no more success or happiness. 

What’s most important to you? Structure your goals around this desire.

Step 2. Think Long-Term, Plan Short-Term

Thinking long term will allow you to see the big picture, but to a certain extent, you can never completely plan for a long-term situation or goal. 

For this reason, it can be very effective to plan short-term goals that are centered around your long-term thinking. Each short-term goal, achieved one by one, brings you closer to what you want in the long term.

In this way, you’ve set yourself up for a complete and useful strategy for success. 

Step 3. Use Key Results

No goal setting is complete without key results. Key results are steppingstones to your goals.

For example; if you have a goal of saving five thousand dollars – what are the actual key results? What are the moves you take? What do you do in order for this to happen?

Having a goal is great, but what are the steps needed to reach this goal? Each goal you have should contain key results. In this way, you can better fulfil your progressions towards a goal. 

Step 4. Think 10x Bigger

Many people are so focused on the small details.

For example, you hear investment bankers talking about percentages – finding 1% better here, 5% better here – and it might work for them, but the average person may not see actual, measurable benefits from this. 

Instead, think ten times bigger!

Each time you write down a goal, think to yourself, “Is this the best I can do?”

Step 5. Think Ahead

Making a progressive goal will always require you to think ahead.

Understandably, sometimes you cannot think about all the outcomes of a particular situation, but you can still plan for some events that can change or unfortunate possibilities that don’t benefit you. 

Thinking ahead will allow you to account for specific situations that are not beneficial, and in this way, will help you to make more actionable goals. You can plan for likely obstacles and determine solutions ahead of time in the event the obstacles materialize.

Suddenly, such an obstacle isn’t an obstacle at all, but simply a Plan B pathway to your goal!

Let the Process Work for You

If you’ve been feeling stuck or downhearted by your lack of progress, follow these five steps to make more progressive goals that get you back onto a path toward the success you seek!


Today’s marketing realm will never be complete without branding. Every single day, hundreds of potential competitors pop up, and the only choice left for you is to accept that branding isn’t something you can take for granted. 

While there are differences in how you brand yourself according to the specific industry you belong to, the pillars remain the same all the time. 

If you don’t meet the following tenets of branding, expect that success will be out of your reach. 


Most startups try to become everything. They want to address all sorts of problems that come their way. Unfortunately, it can end up diluting the brand, and as a result, they don’t solve anything at all. Don’t try to become a jack of all trades but a master of none. Instead, make it your goal to meet the specific needs of one extreme niche then do a great job on that. Sooner or later, your reach will widen and little by little, and you can target the concerns of more audience along the way. 

Original Expression

Branding narrative always includes a statement. This is something many businesses discuss but never really do in the end. You can do something that will clarify what your business is all about. It can be in the form of a simple redesigning of your logo or releasing a series of new videos. 

Don’t try to be different just for the sake of it and instead, try to deliver a compelling message in the best way possible. 


When you speak of marketing disruption, this is a concept involving a business that does something to break free from the norm. This can encourage the entire industry to alter its operation. It can be as simple as opting for a complicated niche, then releasing something to simplify things. It is a sound approach in branding since it will put you at the cutting edge of breakthrough innovation. 

You shouldn’t just improve what already exists, but it is more about making the whole business category better. 

Give Meaning

It is important for your brand to have some kind of meaning attached to it. It is something you should question regularly. Ask yourself the reason why you do something as well as the point you like to put across. This must not be something people cannot even identify with. 

Deliver a Big Idea

All entrepreneurs have big ideas. The only problem is that they tend to jeopardize those big ideas the moment they realize that it is impractical to focus on that at the moment. As a result, they don’t return on that idea, making them similar to everyone else. Your big ideas should serve as the driving force of your business. It may always take many years to achieve, but that big idea of yours is also your brand. Don’t deviate away from it. 

Many brands rose to popularity without any obvious reason. It is hard to explain why certain brands become famous while others don’t. But, as long as you follow these tenets, you can be sure that you will be on your way to a brand that resonates to the general public. 

Why having a Solid Marketing Strategy is Essential for Business Growth

A solid marketing strategy plays a vital role in the success and growth of your business. This is very important; in fact, a business that has a documented and solid marketing plan has a higher chance of becoming successful compared to companies who don’t have a solid marketing approach. Marketing strategy is the first thing you must do before dealing out your funds or investing time in advertising activities. It is your guide on how to market your product or service, which you target, and you set apart from the rest. In general, it is the calculated foundation of your advertising/marketing house. So, why having a solid marketing strategy is vital for business growth? Here are the reasons why. 

A Solid Marketing Strategy is Imperative for Business Growth Because

You Can Know Your Target Customers/Clients 

From sales and marketing, there are certain types of people or businesses that almost certainly become loyal and long-term clients. If you have someone particular in mind, you can take their wants, desires, needs, and fears and show them your service or products will meet their wants, ease their fears, and address their issues. A solid marketing plan defines your target market and customer so that you know accurately those who need your company. 

Know Exactly Your Industry and Why It Is Beneficial to Others 

A very important aspect of a solid marketing strategy is determining who gains from your service or products and how your company helps them. Your company is superior and better than others in many ways, and it is inimitable benefits the clients you serve. Defining these items makes your reasons stronger for being in the industry and allows you to set apart from the rest. 

Communicate the Value of Your Business in a Reliable and Constant Manner 

A solid marketing strategy is essential for business growth as it defines how you communicate the value of your company to others. You can give your marketing plan document to colleagues, contractors, salespeople, marketing firms, etc, and they will have an idea about your business, your product, and services. This gives you a stable face in the market and the assurance that your company will be truly represented in all aspects of sales and marketing.

Serves As Your Guide for Budgeting and Marketing

A marketing plan refers to know you advertise your company all through the year, and marketing strategy is the one which informs this marketing plan. Your strategy in marketing defines what advertising channels you will use be it social media, print, digital ads, commercials, email, etc. Your marketing plan classifies the activities you will perform all the year on every channel and the timeframe for performing those activities. Your marketing technique makes sure that how you market your business aligns with your business goals. Also, ensure it allows you to attain the best value from your marketing. 

Display Professionalism

As an entrepreneur, it is vital to have a clear understanding of your business and how to market your product and service as it exudes professionalism and confidence. If you are sure about who your clients are and how you’ll benefit those clients, you can focus your energy, time, and fund are reaching those clients. Your company will seem more proficient as it is more certified with a solid marketing strategy in place.


With a solid marketing strategy, each action you do, each activity you take leads towards helping your clients address their issues.  A solid marketing strategy builds product loyalty and clients for life at the same time, providing you a clear course to go behind and a brief way of clearing up the value of your business to others.

Why Hiring a Social Media Strategist will Help you Stand Out from the Crowd

Social media plays a vital role in effectively increasing your brand awareness. Some business is mentioned almost 100x per week on some social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. On the other hand, it is can be hard to handle and administer your social media account on your own. That is where a social media strategist is here to help. Here are the reasons why hiring a social media strategist will help you stand out from the Crowd.

Help in Developing an Exceptional Brand

A lot of businesses thrive in social media as they develop an exceptional narrative and voice in their content. This allows them to set themselves apart from the crowd and competitors. Social media strategists can assist you to carry out a competitive examination. The aim is to know how your competitors are using social media to keep in touch with customers. Knowing their weaknesses and strengths will assist you to come up with the best plan.

Know What Works and What Doesn’t Work

It is essential to choose a social media expert who has substantial experience in your market. He or she will know precisely what works and what does not. 

With Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms, it is vital that understand the right way of addressing your clients in a way that marks you in a positive light. Give your potential clients a reason to opt for your service or product.

Manage the Creation of Content

High-quality content is a smart way to draw the attention of people and develop a loyal client base. However, making superior, focused content takes many hours of research.

Getting the service of a strategist makes sure that the things you share on your social media account are enticing and useful to your readers. Your content must be created with the thought of converting followers into regular and loyal clients.

Concentrate on your Brand

The most important reason why hiring a strategist can help you stand out from the crowd is that it gives you more time. Administering or handling a remarkable social media account needs time and dedication. Of course, you do not want the operation of your business to suffer as you are spending most of your time attempting to hook up with clients.

You may even be worried to start aggressively posting on your Facebook account if you’re not familiar with how to make use of social profiles to your benefit. Leave this stern job to the strategist you can spend more of your time doing the things you enjoy.

Hire a Social Media Strategist Now!

Getting the service of an expert in social media can give your business a long term success. Having an expert in this field will do more than promise an active presence on social media. Hence it will get customer service better, perfect branding, boost sales, and many others.

Even if you might be anxious to spend, you’ll likely see positive results because of this new role.