Who am I and How I can Help you?

I am proud of you!  You just took the first step of many in creating a business you have only dreamed of.

Who am I and why do I think I can help you?

I am the founder/CEO of BeBossGirl, an award-winning marketing & social media content writer, & digital marketing agency,  an author, and an international speaker. With over 20 plus years in the online world,  I’ve worked with entrepreneurs on establishing the habit of a CEO mindset, how to create the strategies, marketing, and most importantly, how to scale and maximize profit! With 100’s of clients now experiencing freedom and success, I am all about helping you build the business of your dreams and create the success you want without the burnout and stress most associate with owning and growing a business.

CEO School is a program I have taught in private one-n-one coaching and corporate training sessions for years and am now bringing everything I have learned teaching others and building multiple successful businesses of my own to this 12-Week MasterMind so that you can create a life you can grow to love without the private coaching prices.

Are you truly wanting to make positive changes for growth and profit today? 

12-Week Program to give you the MINDSET, RESILIENCE, STRATEGY, and SKILLS needed to be the SUCCESSFUL CEO of your business.

How This Program Will Work and What Will you Get? 

Weekly MasterMind Call: 

We will meet as a group once a week to teach the skills, processes, and support through the business and personal needs of each individual person. As a group, we can support each other in a way that no one person can provide. A sense of community and growing a life long support tribe in your entrepreneurship journey. 

Private Messenger Support: 

You will have unlimited access for support to me via Voxer during business owners every week day, and heck even some on the weekends.  My mission and passion is to support you through this journey to success. 

Private Facebook Group: 

I have created a private Facebook Group for CEO School so that you can get even more support, network and grow your tribe, share your wins and struggles, and get the support you need each day. I believe that a group of women who support one another creates stronger leaders and sustainable growth for years to come.  I also have a free Facebook Group that my paid members will be encouraged to engage with and share their expertise once a month even after this 12-week program is done! 

Private Coaching Sessions: 

Each month you will get a one-on-one coaching session to get VIP support from me beyond what I am teaching in the weekly Mastermind and Facebook Group! 

Resources, Course Content, And More…

I have created more than 10 additional courses, journals, ebooks, videos, and mindset exercises that I will share with you throughout this session to maximize your growth and help you create mindset habits that will stick with you throughout our journey together and into your personal life.

I want to say that meeting Danielle! It was the best thing that could have happened! I wish I had met and connected with her sooner! She is positively inspiring and lit a fire in my soul to want to accomplish what I have been dreaming about for a while now.

 Thank you so much Danielle for helping and inspiring me on my journey! 

Cathy Fraser

Owner/Photographer, Cathy Fraser Photography

Writing this review is not easy, because I simply don’t know where to start! Working with Danielle has truly made my business better. She is understanding, giving, and knows what she is talking about! She has literally transformed my business. Before working with her, I was a terrible planner. Now, I invest in multiple tools to help me stay planned and organizing (including her awesome planning system that I live by!). Before working with her, I wasn’t confident in my writing ability. Now, I’m super confident and know that I have something amazing to offer someone. If you feel any hesitation about investing, please know that you don’t need it. You are truly in great, capable hands.

Brittney Oddo

Owner, According to Brittney

Subjects Covered for this 12-Weeks

  • Leadership Challenge ($49 value) 
  • 21-Day Habit/Mindset Challenge ($147 value) 
  • 5 steps to more progressive goals ($97 value) 
  • Guide to setting effective daily goals ($47 value) 
  • No distraction goal-reaching ($97 value)
  • How to train your mind like an athlete in pursuit of your goals ($247 value)
  • Overcoming obstacles build grit and resilience  ($297 value)
  • Confidence, self-esteem, and Self-Care ($147 value)
  • Mindset Checklist ($47 value) 
  • Goal Journal ($29 value)
  • Time Management and Procrastination ($247 value) 
  • Turning your true Passion into Profit  ($247 value)
  • How to scale a business without burnout ($597 value) 
  • How to avoid the Toxic Positivity and LOA of the online world ($197 value)
  • Stop Trying to Find yourself.  You can’t find that…  you HAVE TO CREATE IT! ($197 value)
  • Private Coaching Sessions ($750 value) 
  • Group Coaching Sessions ($2364 value) 
  • Daily Messenger Support ($197 value)
  • Full 2021 Business Plan  ($1597)
  • Full 2021 Marketing Plan ($997)
  • How to build processes and procedures for your business ($1500) 
  • How to create systems to scale ($1500)
  • Brand Strategy Consistency ($1197)
  • Various other provided resources that you might need while going through this program I will create them for you as you need! 
Total Value: over $12,000