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Do you experience issues in attracting and getting subscribers in spite of the stellar content on your website or blog? Wouldn’t you want it if you can increase your email list as fast as possible? This is possible through content upgrades.

What is a Content Upgrade?

A content upgrade is considered a freebie which you provide to your visitors in return for their email-add that’s specific to the content or blog post which your followers are already reading. Once your followers are visiting your website for a suggestion or looking for answers to questions, you can make a content upgrade; they would not refuse to accept.

Businesses and bloggers have found out the benefits of content upgrade. If you want to increase the list of your subscriber, you must begin offering content upgrade as soon as possible. However, the question is what type of content upgrade you can give to your visitors? Look into these content upgrade ideas which heighten subscribers.

PDF Guide

This is considered one of the best and simplest content upgrade ideas. You can outline your guide on Google Docs, make a stunning cover using Canva, change it into a Portable Document Format and that’s it, you have now a specialized looking guide your followers will be thrilled to read.

Try to broaden the topics of your contents and make comprehensive guide you can present in the blog post to those who are searching for more information. Once you offer helpful content to the viewers, they will surely want a thorough PDF guide of your advice and tips which can read anytime they wish.

Audio or Video

Each one has a choice on how they want to view content. Some find it easy and comfortable to read blog posts or ebook, while others love listening to podcasts or watching videos. Therefore, providing audio or video content upgrades will provide your readers with more choices to enjoy.

It is easy to convert your blog post into a video with the help of tools like Lumen5. You can also make use of a free app to record podcast episodes. This will enable your visitors to download and listen to your tips anytime and anywhere they want.

Workbook or Mini eBook

Perhaps you don’t want to waste too much of your time making a full-size book to give away to your readers for free, so it may be a good idea to give them a mini-ebook. When you wrote a series of web content about similar keywords, you can section those contents together and fill in the gaps through putting in some additional info in order to come up with mini-ebook that your followers can download for free after presenting their email-add.

Another popular option is the workbook. Most often, a workbook is more engaging for readers. Therefore, consider giving them something that allows your readers to participate and interact in different activities instead of simply inactively consuming content.


The checklist is a popular content upgrade idea most especially if you are lack of time. People love checklist, as it is user-friendly, easy to read as well as can be made fast. A checklist is a remarkable content upgrade for a long-form blog post which takes account of thorough steps.


These are just some of the best content upgrade ideas you can give to your readers or followers to boost your subscribers. Keep in mind that list building is vital to becoming a successful internet marketer, take list building seriously by following these content upgrade ideas.