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Perhaps you have been told you need to build an email list. However, no one gave you the process on how to do it. Read this article to learn effective list building techniques you have to follow for building a successful online business. You will be delighted you did. 

Techniques to Build an Email List Successfully 

Content Upgrades 

A content upgrade is considered one of the modern ways to boost your email list. This is easy to do. Just write an article, then make a piece of content which goes into more detail on the post’s subject. Offer your readers the option to receive the upgraded blog in return for their email address. 

This technique is amazing in its simplicity. Your followers have already shown interest in a subject by clicking on the blog post. You can take advantage of their interest by offering them more. 

Opt-Ins Technique 

To make sure subscribing is easy and fast, make sure you have many places on your websites where your readers can opt-in to get some free goodies. The header or sidebar of your website are popular locations for an opt-in box. You may also want to consider using a pop-up. Even though people dislike pop-ups, the truth is, they work. Pop-ups are easy to customize and a useful tool to increase subscriptions.

Great places to have your opt-ins

    • Social media profiles


    • Email signature line 


    • Each blog post


    • Bios of guest posts you write for other websites 


  • Business cards

Using Great Content 

Despite the number of places you guest post, the number of blogs you write or the number of emails you send, if you would like to build your email list fast, you have to give amazing content. Nothing you do will build your email list faster than word of mouth. If you want your readers to share your email with their associates and friends, ensure those friends can easily find a way to add themselves to your list. Post bits and pieces of your blog on social media and give a spot on the blog to opt in to obtain a freebie which complements the content of the blog. Have a spot on your Facebook or Instagram account where people can sign up for your list through an app in your header.


Regardless of the business you manage, an email list is indeed a vital factor in creating a thriving marketing strategy. With that email list, you can promote your company, showcase your service or product, and share your story. You can do all of this while creating loyal subscribers. Building a strong email list takes a while. It takes hard work. However, if you make remarkable content that your followers love to read, you will have a list of dedicated fans before you know it!