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A more significant part of research and surveys online reveals that generally, a standard internet user spends 1 to 2 hours on social media every day. This is a remarkable number. While the majority of social media users look forward to bridge connections with families and friend and acquire new updates, there’s one thing which they don’t anticipate a sales pitch.

If you are planning to maximize e-commerce, you must aim for dead right messaging. Then this can be acquired by posts in social media and then sent in different platforms, for this reason, reaching an inconceivably vast audience.

Getting the messaging wrong is a critical to your company because users will not think twice to click the unfollow or unfriend button once they continuously see your salesy content on Facebook, Instagram or any social media platforms.

You don’t have to worry because there’s a way to manage an efficient social media campaign without being salesy. Here are the things you must give a try:

  • Concentrate on Serving People

People are able to know when you care about them and their company. Today, people are savvier, and they want to join with real people who care. Disregard the money you’re going to earn; lead with value, and you are able to do to help them. Make your followers your primary concern. Show that you care show that you’re honest and interested in giving a solution to their issues. 

  • Pay Attention 

Why many people keep away from sales associates in a mall? This is because they keep on talking, giving suggestions, promoting their products, and many others. They incorrectly think if they are positive enough, good enough, and tell the right things, and they will make a sale. 

That is why people keep away from them. Why not take a different approach. Instead of talking, listen to them telling you what their needs and problems are. Doing this, you can come up with the best solution. 

Once you follow this technique, you will notice that a lot of your followers will want to purchase from you. This is not because you have talked them into it but because you understand their need and they believe that you can help them. 

  • Build Relationships

Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms are a smart way to keep in touch with people of one mind who need your products or services. So, the technique here is to give time to developing a relationship with the audience. 

You need to engage, reply to queries through email and social media, and always be available when they want to communicate with you. This doesn’t mean that you need to focus on your desktop throughout. You need to check your social media account many times a day. Reply to the questions and always provide appreciation to people who are endorsing you and your product or service. 


Following these tips will help you become successful in engaging in social media without being pushy. This will also help you become successful in your online business.