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Clutter can have the worst effect on productivity. 

Many people find it hard to work and concentrate in a messy and cluttered space. Getting rid of physical clutter to make your workspace cozier and more work-conducive allows you to get things done.

However, there is one form of clutter that most people tend to overlook. This is none other than digital clutter. 

Today, almost all aspects of a person’s day to day life is digital. You store tons of information on your smartphones, computers, and online. This makes it too easy for your digital space to become disorganized and overwhelmed. Just like cleaning your desk on a regular basis, cleaning out and managing your digital clutter is also important for you to be more productive. 

Check out the following tips to help you out:


Free up some mental space by freeing up your computer’s desktop space. 

  1. Get rid of duplicate files, delete downloads, and empty the recycle or trash bin.
  2. Go through the bookmarks you’ve got on the browser. The general rule of thumb here is that if it is easy for you to get to a particular site by just typing in its name, there is no need to bookmark it. Instead, reserve this feature for specific or unique pages such as the web portal of your dentist. 
  3. Create 5 to 6 top-level folders in your computer’s Documents folder. You can label these are Receipts, Financial, Household, Health, Kids, and Travel, for example. Add sublevels as needed, but you shouldn’t go over 2 or 3 deep. Move the corresponding files from the desktop to these newly made folders. 


It is now high time for you to get over that fear of deleting an email that you might need in the near future. You can only move on if you deal with this right away. 

  1. Grab this chance to opt-out of those subscriptions no longer of importance to you. 
  2. If you feel like you need something down the road such as receipts or emails related to your tax transactions, you can save this on a computer folder instead of an email folder. Delete that email right away after you do so. 


Many people today often have 5 to 10 apps, yet there are also those who have 50 up to 100 apps on their device. You can improve the speed of your device by deleting those apps you don’t even use. This will also make it simpler and faster for you to access the ones you need and use. 

  1. Clear apps outside your home screen because of the fact that they aren’t there means they are not important. You can always reinstall if you suddenly miss them after some time. 
  2. Store your games and social media apps in the folder named “Time Wasters.” This blunt title will remind you to be extra mindful with every tap and swipe. 

Videos and Photos 

Photos worthy of keeping must be memory triggers for a behavior or event. 

  1. Begin with your oldest videos. Videos eat up lots of space, and if they are older, you will have a less emotional attachment to them. 
  2. Move those keepers to a computer or on the cloud. Place these in one folder that is backed up on a regular basis.