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You have an amazing, value-packed blog post…and it’s not doing anything for you. Did you know that you can get over 1 week’s worth of content out of one well-crafted blog post? There is podcast content, video content, social media content, and article content all rolled into one blog post!

The following are ways on how to repurpose your contents for your business: 

  • Use Visuals  

Make your content visual!

Create infographics, quote graphics, illustrations, or anything else you can think of that will grab your audience’s attention.

You can also turn your posts into videos if you want!

  • Refresh Your Old Content

Give some of your older a content a facelift. You can go through and bring the content more current. Add updated content upgrades to it as well. Redo-older videos that need a refresh. Sometimes you will have plenty of content that needs to be updated rather than trying to create something new. Don’t overlook this treasure trove that you already have!

  • Get Social 

Use your content to create your social media content. Don’t waste time reinventing the wheel. Use what you have to develop quick one-liners or even a really excellent case study to share across your social channels to drive traffic and increase engagement.

  • Quote Yourself 

Had a great one-liner or “tweetable”? Make it into a quote! You’re an expert in one you do. Don’t be afraid to quote yourself! Use these to create images, tweets, or even to share in a forum.

There is no reason that you cannot get many miles out of one piece of content. Don’t waste precious time attempting to come up with 30 days of entirely new content month after month. Place all your effort into some excellent blog content, then put that content to work for you. Use what you have and work smarter, not harder!