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Being a Woman is Messy, disorganized and at times, just plain chaos.

We try to break it down to make it all easier but don’t expect Pinterest perfect here. We are two women living the life of wife, mom, working woman, and business owner.

We are still trying to survive 2021and all the stress that brings here.

Perfection is not in our name but getting it done well is.


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Who Are we? 

Gina Lambert

Certified OBM, Budding Entrepreneur, and new mom learning to do it all.

A Newish mom, I can’t believe he is 9 months and growing like a weed… I saw an amazing need in the world for getting organized (this is truly my passion and even what I do in the corporate world), but in a way that works for a crazy chaotic life. I love creating usable content, resources and keeping Danielle organized… or at least trying to.

Come join me as I learn this new mom thing, help you get organized, and love the life you are building minus the stress!



Danielle Ralston

An oldish mom, I can’t believe he is 276 months and still living with me (I am a proud mom of an adult son who while he lives with me is a paying roommate)!! I have ADHD and a passion for helping women not only start businesses but have a work-life balance while doing so.

I have been teaching women how to cook, clean naturally and start businesses and I can’t wait to share all I have learned in my almost 28 years of marriage, 23 years of motherhood, and 25 years as an entrepreneur!

Come join me as I learn this southern mom and wife thing!”



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