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So WHO is THE ROCKSTAR CEO? That question is a complicated one. My official Bio from Be Boss Girl :

Hey, Danielle here! You may know me as the Rockstar CEO. I’m also the founder of BeBossGirl, an award-winning marketing, social media, digital marketing, design, production, and public relations strategy agency.

My mission is to empower women to start and dominate their dream business! For the past 12 years, I’ve coached women entrepreneurs on mindset, marketing and most importantly, making more money! 

My journey started over 20 years ago as an IT Professional. As an IT provider, I quickly realized that marketing was essential to growing a small business. So, I began expanding my education and hands-on experience which led me to my passion for all things digital marketing. 

Now, I’ve worked with 100’s of small business owners. Through coaching, I help entrepreneurs grow to become the limitless bosses they desire to be. Focusing not only on marketing strategies but also on the unique issues of running a small business such as solid profit mapping strategies, mindset, incorporating the technical aspects of running a business to create sustainable and proven results and more.

The implementation team at Be Boss Girl are made up of talented women with a range of skills that I have the pleasure of mentoring. When you work with me, you work with women who understand marketing, business strategy, and branding. 

When I’m not coaching, I’m filling my tribe up with free resources in my free group, free forum and on the RBB Morning show at 8 am each day. You will learn how to build a business on a foundation of clarity, strength, and courage.

Each day I wake up with a call to give female entrepreneurs everything they need to Rise Strong. Become Limitless and Be a Boss, girl. 

But that is more about what I do when sitting at my desk. In real life, I am a Wife of just about 26 years to a drummer, lead guitarist, soundman, cabinet maker, machinist, missionary and amazing best friend, mom of 22 years to a start-up entrepreneur, audiophile son, sister of like XX years (no I am not telling you exactly how old I am), daughter, musician, cook, missionary, planning and mindset fiend.

When not working, which is not often, I am either in a bar doing sound, taking pics, dancing like an idiot or laughing hysterically at my friend Sam’s antics, cooking from scratch meals, or watching Avengers, Star Wars or Lord of the Rings movies. At all times my phone is not far behind and I am starting to document life outside of the office and all I do each and every time I think of letting you all know.

Come get to know me better and see why I truly live THE ROCKSTAR CEO life in all I do!